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How do I contact a county department?

Can I pay my taxes on-line?

How do I contact Court?

Where do I go to vote, absentee voting, & register to vote?

What properties (forfeiture) are for sale for back taxes?

How can I get a copy of my property tax statement?

Why is the information in the plat book not correct?

What crimes does the County Attorney's Office prosecute?

Is the County Attorney's Office the same thing as what is other states is called the District Attorney's Office?

Does the County Attorney's Office provide free legal services to people who cannot otherwise afford it?

Do I report a crime to the County Attorney's Office?

Is there a place to take old paint, stains, thermometers, or other hazardous items?

Is there financing available to upgrade or replace my failing septic system?

Is funding available to replace my well or seal an abandoned well?

What do I need to bring in to buy tabs for my vehicle?

Can I buy registration tabs for someone else?

Where do I get a burning permit?

When are driving and permits tests given?

Where do I get the county Special Vehicle Use permit and what do I need to bring in?

Where can I find information about Child Support?

Where do I find information on the Food Support (SNAP) Program?

Is there any cash assistance programs available if I cannot meet my basic needs?

I'm having a financial crisis and need help with a utility shut-off or eviction.  Where can I go for help?

I need help with medical assistance.  What do I do to apply and where do I go?

Is there any help with burial expenses?

Where do I go for birth certificate information?

I need another death certificate.  Where do I go?

How do I apply for marriage certificate?

How do I apply for a marriage license?

How do I register my ministerial credentials?

How do I apply or register for a notary commission?

How do I get a passport?

Does your county provide online access to the county's real estate records?

What are the document recording fees?