Adult Supervision

Court Services does have a formal adult diversion program for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases. The cases referred for diversion usually are traffic cases (predominately, school bus arm violations). The District Court regularly utilizes court "unsupervised" probation or "continuance for dismissal with conditions” on a wide range of offense categories.

Court Services also provides offender supervision under the guidelines set by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The LSI-R is currently in use and both agents have received the necessary training to implement the screening tool. Cases are monitored in accordance with Department policy.

Court Services works with a wide range of chemical dependency treatment programs, mental health centers, private agencies, therapists, employers, and clergy to help facilitate positive change in a client's behavior lifestyle. Most formal services in the form of counseling and treatment are located outside of the immediate, area, making communication with service providers of the utmost importance.