Supervision Fees

On January 1, 2000, State Law (S.F. 2221, Article 4, Section 4) was passed requiring all offenders on probation or supervised release be assessed supervision fees.  Fees are imposed on each file and determined by using the file's most serious offense level (i.e.: felony = $300, gross misdemeanor = $200, and misdemeanor = $100).  The supervision fee is due one year from the start of supervision or upon discharge, transfer, or execution of sentence, whichever occurs first.

Payment of this fee shall be made directly to the probation agent or support staff in the probation office.  Payment in full is expected at the time the fee is due.  Monthly payments may be made toward the fee.

No cash or personal checks will be accepted under any circumstances.

Money orders or cashiers checks will be required made out to MN Department of Corrections (for felony files) or Renville County Auditor/Treasurer (for misdemeanor and gross misdemeanors cases). 

All supervision fees collected will be forwarded to the MN Department of Finance or Renville County Auditor/Treasurer.  Payment of these fees are mandatory for all persons.  Unpaid supervision fees will be recouped through revenue recapture from any state tax returns, rebates, etc.