Driver's License

Drivers license examiners are in Olivia every Wednesday to conduct written and road tests.

No appointment is requried for the written tests that are given from 10:00am -11:15am in County Court House Lower Level.
Appointments for the Drivers test are to be made by calling the Willmar Exam station at 320-231-1735 and requesting a time in Olivia.

Original drivers license and identification card applications, drivers license renewals and duplicates can be applied for Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the License Bureau.

If you have lost your drivers license or identification card we use your full name and date of birth to access information to apply for a duplicate drivers license or identification card. 

Your Social Security number is needed for every drivers license or identifcation card application.

Identity documents are required for a new instruction permit, identification card and CDL renewals.  Call for list of acceptable identity documents.


Class A $44.25
Class A, Under age 21 $24.25
Class B $36.25
Class C $29.25
Class D $25.25
Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal $13.00
School Bus Fee $4.00
Provisional $16.25
Instruction Permit $13.25
Under 21 A $24.25
Under 21 B $36.25
Under 21 C $29.25
Under 21 D $25.25
Identification Card $19.25
Senior Citizen Identification Card $16.50
Duplicate Drivers License or ID Card $14.75
Reduced Fee ID Card $0.50