Access Driveway Permit:
To obtain an access driveway permit contact Public Works at their office or call 320-523-3759.  A Public Works staff person will meet with you on site to fill out the permit.  A deposit will be needed for the construction of any new or widening of existing drivesways off of county roads and county state aid highways.  

$75.00 + Culvert Cost
$500.00 Refundable Deposit

Oversized/Overweight Permit Fee:
Individual Permit:  $20.00
Blanket Permit:  $100.00

Utility Permit Fee:  $75.00

Please mail, email, or drop off your application along with your permit fee to:

Renville County Public Works Dept.
105 S. 5th Street, Ste. 319
Olivia, MN  56277

Click here to access the forms:  Utility Permit and Oversized/Overweight Permits