Fares / Tokens / Punchcards

Bus Fares  Volunteer Driver Fares 
One-Way/In Town (includes Olivia to BI): $2.00 57.5 cents per mile in county
One-Way to Danube: $3.00
One Way from Town to Town (excluding Danube & BI): $4.00 57.5 cents per mile out of county
One- Way to Willmar: $5.00
One- Way Rural farm (within 5 miles) to town: $4.00  
Package Delivery around Olivia: $4.00  
Package Delivery to/from Willmar: $10.00  
Pets in carriers: $5.00  
Effective April 1, 2015  We will be charging $1 extra for rides that are scheduled on the same day as they occur. 

Tokens - There are 10 tokens in a bag for $20

Punchcards -
There are 37 punches on a punchcard for $37. When the punchcard is completely punched it is worth a bonus punch.

Purchase Tokens & Punchcards at:  
 Bird Island City Office  Bird Island 
 Danube City Office  Danube
 First Security Bank  Renville
 Renville County Human Services  Olivia
 B & D Market  Olivia