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January 1, 2015
Heartland Express 

have merged their transit systems


Please watch here for updated information
On January 1, 2015 Central Community Transit (CCT) merged two area transit systems (Kandiyohi Area Transit (KAT) and Heartland Express in Renville County) together.  Watch for more information.

The Heartland Express provides transportation for all Renville County residents.  We have a fleet of seven buses and we have sixteen volunteer drivers throughout the county.

The Renville County Heartland Express began in 1996, due to the demand for transportation in our rural area.  With businesses closing all over it is harder for people to get groceries or go to a doctor without going a distance.

We have children ride the bus to and from school, daycare and other activities.

We have adults ride the bus to and from work.

We have the elderly ride the bus to go for coffee, groceries or to visit someone and get out of the house.