Renville County Sheriff's Office

105 S. 5th St., Suite 210, Olivia, MN 56277
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 320-523-1161
Jail: 320-523-3600


Sheriff's deputies assigned to court security have full law enforcement powers and provide courtroom security and protection during all hearings, trials and whenever court is in session. Court security deputies are responsible for the safety, security and protection of judges, court officers, court staff and the general public and also maintain decorum in the courtroom. If a jury is sequestered for overnight deliberations, court security deputies remain with the jury to provide security and to ensure that no outside contact is made with jurors.

As part of court security, deputies routinely screen people coming into the courtrooms.  Several methods and tools are implemented to assure people in the courtroom are compliant with orders and rules implemented by the Eighth Judicial District.

Courthouse Visitors and Attorneys

Prohibited in the Courthouse:    

  • Guns, knives, ammunition, pepper spray, mace, razor blades, and other weapons
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs 
  • Any dangerous or hazardous material or item that could be used to injure or harm another person

If in doubt about an item, leave it at home or in your vehicle. If a potentially dangerous or hazardous item is brought into the courthouse, the person possessing the item must remove it from the building. It cannot be left with court security.    

Screening Procedure    

Each visitor who enters the Renville County Courthouse is subject to and may be asked to undergo a security screening procedure, with assistance from a court security officer. Specific screening methods and processes are subject to change from day to day.  You may be asked to:

  1.         Empty pockets, placing contents in the container provided.           
  2.         Walk through the metal detector.
  3.         Be scanned by a handheld metal detector.
  4.         Be subjected to a pat search.
  5.         Surrender your purse, bags or other personal articles for a physical search.                  

Portable Electronic Devices    

Cell phones may be used for telephone calls inside courthouse common areas; however, these devices may not be used in courtrooms for any purpose unless expressly authorized by the presiding judge. Photography, video and audio recording, and/or other audio or video transmission is strictly prohibited inside the courtrooms.