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Geographic Information Systems use spatial locations (physical locations) to gather, manage, and analyze data related to that location. This data is organized into layers of information to be compared with other data, spot relationships or put into maps for viewing.

Renville County utilizes ESRI’s suite of GIS software and online tools to manage the increasing amount of spatial data that is required. Many county workers use this data as part of their jobs and its Renville County citizens are now relying on and using from the comfort of their homes.

A dedicated GIS HUB site with all county GIS online applications with map and public data downloads, an increasing number of internal GIS solutions for county government and a ‘one stop shop’ to interact with all public data layer we continue to showcase Renville County through this technology.

Renville County GIS is proud to partner with ProWest & Associates for GIS applications!

News Items

The new Renville County Election Hub Page is live!

Click the image above or visit the GIS Hub to find the link!


The Renville County Public Health Department is now publishing county-related data for the current and past cases for COVID-19. This weekly updated dashboard shows active case, break down of cases by zip code and age ranges, total cases and cases by month. You can find this on our Hub Site (to the right), the above side panel to the left under 'Application Quick Links' and on the Public Health page!


The Historic Imagery Viewer application has received a face-lift. With the added functionality of having the 2009 and 2018 imagery layers added and the ability to swipe between all imagery. Coming soon, the 1955 aerials and next spring 2021 images from a new county flyover! Enjoy!


Last year ProWest & Associates helped us create and launch our GIS Hub site and update our land records GIS system. Click this Story Map link and see the project highlights; Smart County, Smart Community.


Recently Added Public Layers:

- Ditch Crossings*
- Camera Jobs (Drainage Tile Lines)*
- Transmission Lines/Substations
- Daycare Locations
- Churches & Cemeteries

Current Layer Developments:

- Redetermination Watersheds (Drainage Department)
- County Ditch/Road Crossings (Drainage Department)
- Tax Forfeited Properties (Auditor/Treasurer Office)
- County Park Trails, Signs & Features (Parks Department)

Mapping Projects:

- Restricted Bridges Map Updates
- County Park Trail & Feature Maps
Useful Links:
MN DNR Buffer Map
MN Geospatial Commons
Minnesota Well Index
MN GIS/LIS Consortium

GIS Hub Link
The above link takes you to Renville County’s HUB Site. Engage in all the public GIS content such as applications, PDF maps, and an ‘open data’ section to download our GIS data layers!

Current Featured Content:Tax Parcel Viewer – The County’s #1 viewed application. Check out parcel boundaries and data from all Renville County Tax parcels. *Note: this data is a representation of legal descriptions and is not survey grade.

Address Requester – New construction? Need your blue 5-digit county address sign replaced? Utilize our county 911 address request application to get your address number and sign posted at your location!

Ditch System Viewer* – Want to your nearby open ditch and approximate tile line locations? Select this application to dig into the Renville County Drainage System.

Historic Image Viewer – Compare and contrast Renville County in 1938 with current aerial imagery with this simple ‘swipe’ tool application. (IMPROVED!)

Mobile Mapping* - New and improved, this application contains ALL public GIS data. Address points, parks boundaries, aerial imagery from 09’/14’/18’, state LiDAR, tax parcel and more!

Road Closures – Short and sweet application to view county road closures due to springtime flooding, check back with this app when the snow melts.

Recorded Documents Lookup – View a list of reocrded documents by tax parcel. Access to Landshark website for document viewing, subscription required.

 Also access these application view our ArcGIS Online Organizational Page.

Nick Kuntz

GIS Specialist
Information Technology and GIS Department
105 S 5th Street, Suite #325
Olivia, MN 56277         

Direct : 320-523-3811
Email : nickk@renvillecountymn.com


For Renville County Employees:

Below are links to access the 'Internal Mapper', the internal GIS layer application powered by ProWest's LINK and to the Renville County GIS Portal. The GIS Portal has links and access to all internal GIS shared to the organization, you or your department. Enjoy!

Internal Mapper                     GIS Portal