GIS / County Maps

 Need a new county address for 911 purposes? Need a new 'blue' address sign at your county (5-digit) address? No problem! Check out our Address Requester to fill both those needs! 
*You can also find the link on our Hub site, found below.

*New GIS Data Location*
The new Renville County GIS Hub Site will allow us to better present GIS data and direct you to the application or maps that you require.  

Click the image link below to check out the new location for county GIS data, now hosted by ESRI’s ArcGIS Hub Site and built by ProWest & Associates Inc.  

GIS Hub Link
Enjoy, and please give us your feedback by contacting the GIS Department at 320-523-3811.
For the standard (old version) view of GIS applications, Click Here!