County Policies/Forms

Telecommuting Policy - effective 6/1/2022
Telecommuting Agreement form - effective 6/1/2022
Volunteer Service Program policy and request form - effective 6/1/2022
Personnel Policy - effective 1/1/2021
Personnel Policy Revisions, Merit-Based Pay Increases - adopted 7/14/2021
2021-2023 Payscale

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan - 5/20/2020
Link to Data Practices Document Center
Donation Acceptance Policy - adopted 5/9/2017
Lactation Room Guidelines - 4/2022
Notary Public Employee List - Updated 5/17/2022
Record Retention Schedule - adopted 3/10/1987

Social Media Policy - adopted 4/23/2019
Supervisor's Guide to Performance Management - 5/24/2017
3 Year Email Retention - Instructions on Saving Emails (2019)
Service Continuation Plan (COOP) - revised 1/21/2022

Shred-it Schedule - 1/2022
Motor Pool Instructions - 3/2022

2022 Renville County Messenger Schedule
Renville County Brand Guidelines - 8/2019
Renville County PowerPoint Template Dark Blue - 3/2022
Renville County PowerPoint Template Light Blue - 3/2022
Renville County PowerPoint Template Green - 3/2022
Employee Business Card Order Form - 2/2020
Renville County Email Signature (General) - 8/2019
Emergency Management Email Signature - 2/2020
Public Health Email Signature
- 8/2019
Parks Email Signature - 8/2019
RRRSWA Email Signature - 2/2020
Sheriff Email Signature - Coming Soon!

Accounts Payable Policy (2018)
Accounts Payable Workflow Instructions (2021)
County Credit Card Policy (2018)
Purchasing Resources (2019) 
Employee Reimbursement Form (FOR CLAIMS BEFORE JULY 1, 2022)
Employee Reimbursement Form (FOR CLAIMS AFTER JULY 1, 2022)
Non Employee Claim Form (FOR CLAIMS BEFORE JULY 1, 2022) 
Non Employee Claim Form (FOR CLAIMS AFTER JULY 1, 2022)
2022 Claims Due Dates and Payment Dates
Renville County ST3 Form (2022)
Renville County W-9 Form 
Blank W-9 Form 
Purchase Order Form (2021)
Property/Casualty Insurance - report all claims to Landon in Administration. Email Landon
Auto Loss Notice and Accident Report - use when a county vehicle is damaged, and when third parties sustain bodily injury or property damage as a result of an accident with a county vehicle.
General Liability Loss Notice and Accident Report - use when a non-employee is injured or has personal property damaged.
Non-Employee Accident Report - use with General Liability Loss Notice
Property Loss Notice - use when damage occurs to a county building, contents or other items (except road-licensed vehicles)

Education Policy Agreement Form 
Learning Partner with Hamline University
         Employees are eligible for a 10% discount on Graduate programs, seminars and certificates from Hamline University.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
         Certification Form
         MN Statute 

Counseling Form (fillable)
Mobile Device User Agreement Form (fillable)
Record Retention Schedule - adopted 10/31/2014  

Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation (fillable)  
Performance Evaluation Point Schedule 
Employee Form, Supervisor Form (fillable)
Probationary Performance Evaluation (fillable)
Performance Improvement Plan  (fillable)

IT Ticket System
Employee Access Request Form (*New Form 1/10/22)
Password Requirements
Tips on Video Conferencing

Email Encryption
In order to send your email encrypted type securemail in the subject line of your message.  This will flag the message to go out encrypted.  (It can be upper or lower case)  The recipient will receive a message with a link to login (they will need to create an account if they don’t have one) to Renville County’s Zix portal to read the confidential email.   

**Renville County Employee Email Groups**
 - Renville County Employee email group contains only Renville County Employees.
 - Renville County Campus email group includes all staff as well as other entities that are located within  the Renville County GSC, Courthouse and offsite buildings.

Outlook Calendar Reservations
Reserving a Conference Room and/or Vehicle in Outlook

Scanning Information

AppXtender Web Access User Guide  Update 8/18/2020
AppXtender Scanning Fillable PDF Instructions
AppXtender Training Video - located in the common drive

Telephone Information
Voice Mail Access & Greetings  
Voice Mail Main Menu
Paging System instructions
Voyant Connect Desktop User Guide  
Voyant Connect Mobile User Guide
Voyant Connect Training Videos

*Please note: Changes submitted after noon on the Thursday before the end of the pay period will not be processed until the next payroll.
Catastrophic Leave Bank Contribution Form
Direct Deposit 
Federal Tax Withholding (2022 W-4) 
MN State Tax Withholding (2022 W-4)
2022 Payroll Schedule

Timesheet Guidelines
Timesheet Guidelines - AFSCME
Timesheet Guidelines - AFSCME Public Works, Costtime
Timesheet Guidelines - AFSCME Public Works, Non-Costtime
Timesheet Guidelines - LELS
Timesheet Guidelines - Non Union

Referral Form
Referral Source Flyer