Labor Management Committee

The Mission of the Renville County Labor Management Committee is to sustain a partnership that works to address and resolve issues through open communication.

The purpose of this committee is to promote respectful relations between labor and management in the complex world of county government.

The Committee Actively Works From The Foundation Of These Values:
 - Promoting a positive work environment
 - Feeling valued
 - Building trust and morale
 - Striving for consistency
 - Encompassing a cooperative spirit
 - Fostering responsibility and accountability
 - Providing quality public service

LMC By-Laws
LMC Minutes

Committee Members:

Co-Chairs (2022)
Management: Sara Benson
Karla Koplin                         
Email Co-Chairs

Management Personnel
Sara Benson
Jeremy LeBlanc
Lisa Neutgens
Robyn Stryker
Heather Weis
Lisa Herges - County Administrator
Doug Erickson - County Commissioner (Ex-Officio and Non-Voting)

Labor Personnel
Courthouse / Public Health:
  Dave Distad
  Julie Kohout

Human Services:
  Amber Clobes
  Sheree Hable

LELS - Deputies:
  Karla Koplin
  Jeff Nelson

LELS - Jail:
  Julie Sander
  Dayna Christensen

  Stephanie Malvin
  Jessica Plumley

Public Works:
  Brad Klinghagen
  Joe Nachreiner

Secretary (non-voting):
  Stefanie Ryan