Safety Information

Safety Committee Members:
Lisa Herges, County Administrator
Commissioner Doug Erickson
*Jeff Marlowe, Management rep 
Jill Pelzel, Management rep
Lisa Neutgens, Management rep
Mike Puchalski, Management rep                                          Email Lisa Neutgens to 

Norm Shubert, Management rep
Sara Benson, Management rep                                                Sign up for an Ergonomics Check
Matt Hardin, AFSCME - Public Works rep                                                    Click HERE!     
Dave Distad, AFSCME - Courthouse/Public Health rep
Sheree Hable, AFSCME - Human Services rep
Luke Jacques, LELS - Deputies rep

Jason Mathwig, Deputies rep
Mary Jo Dillon, Courthouse rep
*Samantha Best, Safety Coordinator and Committee Secretary
Mike Hennen, Emergency Management Director
Holly Hatlewick, SWCD


Safety Information: