Safety Information

Safety Committee Members:
Lisa Herges, County Administrator
Commissioner Doug Erickson
*Jeff Marlowe, Management rep 
Lisa Neutgens, Management rep
Dave Altmann, Management rep                                          Email Lisa Neutgens to 

Norm Shubert, Non-union rep
Sara Benson, Management rep                                                Sign up for an Ergonomics Check
Matt Hardin, AFSCME - Public Works rep                                                    Click HERE!     
Dave Distad, AFSCME - Courthouse/Public Health rep
Larry Rock, AFSCME - Courthouse/Public Health rep
Sheree Hable, AFSCME - Human Services rep
Luke Jacques, LELS - Deputies rep

Jason Mathwig, Management rep
Mary Jo Dillon, State of MN Court rep
*Samantha Best, Safety Coordinator and Committee Secretary
Mike Hennen, Emergency Management Director
Holly Hatlewick, SWCD


Safety Committee Minutes

Safety Information: