Mission Statement: Creating an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice for employees and their families.

Wellness Committee Members: 
Commissioner Greg Snow
Jeff Filipek, SHIP/Public Health
wellness logo
Jenny Erickson, Facilities
Jesse Diehn, Public Works 

Julie Kohout, Environmental Services                                                  
Katie Slagter, Public Health
Kelly O'Neill, Environmental Services
Kim Kirchoff, Assessor
Krista Schneider, Public Health
Laurie Abrahamson, Recorder                                                                           

Lisa Neutgens, Human Resources
Melissa Swyter, Sheriff's Office
Melissa Williams, Human Services
Renee Hannah, Public Works

Robyn Stryker, Human Services
Stephanie Brakemeier, Human Services

(Wellness Coordinator noted in bold)

2022 Wellness Event List

Biometric Screening Physicians Form

Wellness Worksite Committee Bylaws

Wellness Resources:
      - Book Club
      - Convene Webinar Trainings
      - COVID-19 Wellness Resources
      - Fitness Step Conversion
      - Intuitive Eating Lunch N' Learn Slides (5-12-2020)

      - Jerrid Sebesta - Kick Starting Your Financial Springboard Workshop
      - One Mile Walking Route

Resources for Employees Covered by Medica:
      - Omada for Joint and Muscle Health
      - Omada for Joint and Muscle Health, Frequently Asked Questions
      - Medica, My Health Rewards - Request Form to Receive Protected Health Information

2021 Lunch N' Learns:
 - Movement - Feel the Difference with Julie Remer (3-10-2021)-
    Handouts (3-10-2021)
 - Tips and Tricks to help you live easier, healthier, and happier with Hy-Vee Dietitian, April Graff (4-2021)- 
   Part One Recording (start at 16:22) 
    Part Two Recording,
 - Diabetes Mythbusters (Prevention and Management) with Julie Remer (5-5-2021)-