To apply for the homestead classification for your residence, you must fill out a homestead application. To qualify for the homestead classification you must: 

  • Occupy the property listed on the application as your primary residence; 
  • Be one of the owners of the property listed on the application;
  • Be a Minnesota resident.

Your County Assessor will determine whether you are a Minnesota resident for purposes of the homestead classification. You may be considered a  Minnesota resident if all or some of the following conditions apply to you:

  • You are registered to vote in Minnesota
  • You have a valid Minnesota driver's license
  • You file a Minnesota income tax return
  • You list a property in Minnesota as your permanent mailing address
  • You are employed by a business located in Minnesota
  • Your children, if any, attend school in Minnesota, and/or
  • You are not a resident of any other state or country

State law (MS 273.124, Subd. 9 & 13) requires that the Social Security numbers and signatures of each occupant who is listed as an owner of the property be listed on the application. Even if the owner's spouse is not listed as an owner of the property, the spouse is still required to give social security numbers and signatures on the application if they occupy the property along with the owner's information. In either case, the application must be signed by each owner and his/her spouse who occupies the property. If there is not enough space for all required signatures and Social Security Numbers, please attach a separate piece of paper with them to the application.

Social Security numbers are confidential information. Under state law (MS 273.124, Subd. 13) they may be given by your County Assessor to the Minnesota Department of Revenue to determine whether you or the owner of the property to whom you are related have applied for the homestead classification for other properties.

Important Property Tax Homestead Notice


Homestead Application Forms