Business Innovation Grant

Program Guidelines
This program has been designed to assist businesses in Renville County with business development and growth opportunities.


    - The maximum grant amount is $3,000.


    - Equipment purchases or upgrades 
    - Capital improvements
    - Purchase, construction, renovation, or expansion of buildings 
    - Development or promotion of new product lines 
    - Commercial blight 
    - Professional development or employee training (tuition only) 
    - Information Technology upgrades 


    - A minimum of a 1:1 contribution match from the business and/or other funds is required 
    - Must be a specific project with potential to create/retain jobs or increase revenues of local businesses 
    - Application must be submitted to the EDA prior to project completion 
    - Businesses will be required to expend at least twice the amount of the grant award in reimbursable costs 

Grant applications are due by January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

Business Innovation Grant Application
Business Innovation Grant Guidelines

Questions?  Contact the EDA office at 320-523-3656 or grants@renvillecountymn.com.