In February of 2020, MN Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management released statistics showing Renville County to be, at that time, one of Minnesota's top three counties when it comes to State disasters.  All but four of Renville County's 28 townships have been included in a State or Federal disaster, or both.  All township officials should be receiving emails from our office; if you are not, please contact us.

As of April 1, 2021, the following disasters (related to Renville County) are still open:
*DR-4390:     July 2018 Flood
*DR-4442:     March 2019 Flood
*SD-033:        June 2019 Flood
*SD-041:       December 2019 Winter Storm
*DR-4531:     January 20, 2020 - Ongoing, COVID-19
*SD-046:        June 2020 Flood
*SD-050:        July 2020 Flood

Although we had a "perfect thaw" in 2021, and COVID-19 remains ever-present, we are not ignoring the possibility of storms or other events.  In the event your city or township receives damage from storms or flooding, make sure to reach out to your local officials (township or city); they get the messages from our office.  The following information will be needed as you work through the process:
*Locations (beginning and end, with GPS  points)
*Photographs (before photos [if you have them], the damage before clean-up/repair work begins, during the event [as clean-up/repair is taking place], and the finished project.

If you have questions, we are a phone call or email message away.  Don't hesitate to contact us!