April 202 EOC-emptyRenville County Emergency Management works with many agencies and departments within the County to plan and prepare for all types of hazards.  Although it is impossible to assemble specific plans for every type of emergency, having a general plan in place is of utmost importance in keeping the residents of Renville County safe.  Renville County Emergency Management has developed a comprehensive emergency plan for Renville County, which includes:

*Hazard Mitigation Phase:  Efforts to eliminate or reduce the chance of occurrence or effects of a disaster.
*Preparedness Phase:  Planning how we would respond to a disaster. 
*Response Phase:  The work to be done after an incident occurs where assistance is being provided.
*Recovery Phase:  The efforts that begin after the response phase until activities are back to normal.

The plan is effective in managing weather-related emergencies such as severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, and blizzards.  Other types of emergencies covered under the plan include events like terrorist, hazardous materials spills, and releases and contagious disease outbreaks.  

In the event of a disaster or other large-scale emergency in the County, Renville County Emergency Management assists responding agencies with managing the incident and providing support and additional tools and resources as they become available.  

EM TrainingRenville County Emergency Management plans, coordinates, and executes training exercises for all emergency services in Renville County.  Those exercises are often large-scale events, which encompass various types of emergency services in a variety of scenarios.  

Renville County's Emergency Operations Plan is updated annually and reviewed at the local level.  Every four (4) years this plan is reviewed by the MN Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  The plan provides a summary of our emergency management system.  The plan identifies hazards, requirements and capabilities of our resources and provides a framework for coordinated response and recovery efforts.  Although the Emergency Operations Plan is not a public document, questions about the plan can be directed to Mike Hennen, Renville County Emergency Management Director.