Conditional Use Permit


A CUP is required for feedlots in Renville County in the following cases:

  • Any new feedlot greater than 300 animal units or any expansion of an existing feedlot to 300 animal units to a total of 2,000 animal units in the “A” agricultural district.
  • Any change in ownership of an existing feedlot that exceeds 299 animal units which is not currently permitted by a conditional use permit.
  • Any expansion of an existing feedlot in the shoreland district.
  • Any expansion of any existing feedlot within one mile of a city boundary.
  • Any feedlot that requires a NPDES Permit.  Any feedlot requiring an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW).  The permitting authority shall be the Regulatory Unit of Government responsible for all required EAWs.
  • Whenever any existing or proposed feedlot operation proposes the construction of an above-ground manure storage structure.
  • Whenever there is proposed to be a change in animal type at an existing feedlot greater than 300 animal units.
A CUP is a “land use” permit that involves a public hearing, review by the Renville County Planning Commission, and action or decision by the Renville County Board of Commissioners.

For more information on feedlot permitting contact the Environmental Services Office at 320-523-3768.