Driveway Access Permit
Access drives onto County roads require an access permit from the Renville County Division of Public Works.  Contact your township board for any new access onto a township road.

Handicap Accessibility Permit
All public and most commercial / industrial buildings require a handicap accessibility permit subject to the Handicap Accessibility Requirements of the Minnesota State Building Code.

Land Use Permit
A land use or zoning permit is required for any structure erected, moved in, or structurally altered.  The permit indicates that the existing or proposed structure and the use of the land comply with regulations in the Land Use Ordinance.

Special Vehicle Use Permit:
A Special Vehicle Use Permit is required for the use and operation of all-terrain vehicles, mini trucks, utility task vehicles, and motorized golf carts on designated Renville County roadways.

Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Permit
An SSTS permit is required whenever a sewage treatment system in Renville County is installed, replaced, altered, repaired (with some exceptions), or extended.