Planning Co

There is hereby created a Renville County Planning Commission whose duties and responsibilities shall consist of the following:

  1. To study, report, and make recommendations on amendments to the Ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan prior to adoption of the amendment by the County Board.
  2. To conduct public hearings, review all applications, and prepare a report and recommendation to the County Board on the following:
    • Conditional Use Permits.
    • Interim Use Permits.
    • Plans for subdivisions of land.
    • Planned unit developments.
    • Plans for public land acquisition and development
  3. To conduct hearings and make recommendations to the County Board on alleged violations of condition(s) contained in Conditional Use Permits or Interim Use Permits.
  4. Such other duties as the Renville County Board of County Commissioners may prescribe.

Planning Commission Members
District 1               Jeff Kramer
District 2               Doug Pomplun
District 3               Helen Ruebel
District 4               Allan Strunc
District 5               Todd Dykema
At-Large                Neal Johnson
At-Large                John Robinson

To see the Planning Commission Meeting Dates,  Agendas, and Minutes, click here.