Special Vehicle Use (SVU) Permit

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Environmental Services
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The Renville County Special Vehicle Use on Designated County Roadways Ordinance authorizes the use and operation of all-terrain vehicles, mini trucks, utility task vehicles, and motorized golf carts on designated Renville County roadways.  This Ordinance does not permit the use and operation of these recreational vehicles on federal or state highways and streets or roads under the jurisdiction of a city or township.  A Special Vehicle Use Permit must be applied for and approved for each recreational vehicle intended to be operated on a designated county roadway.  A Special Vehicle Use Permit is valid for two calendar years, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31 of the last year the permit is valid.  Recreational vehicle owners are responsible for the renewal of the Special Vehicle Use Permit every two years.  The permit can be purchased online or in person at the Environmental Services office during regular business hours.  The Special Vehicle Use Permit sticker shall be located on a plate that is clearly visible on the back of the all-terrain vehicle, mini truck, utility task vehicle, and motorized golf cart.  The Special Vehicle Use Permit fee is $10.00 for a two-year permit.  Please note the important links below for additional information regulating the use of all-terrain and utility task vehicles, mini trucks, and motorized golf carts.

To apply for a permit, both steps shown below must be completed for us to send you your permit!

Step One:  Fill out application
Step Two:  Make payment (to do this click on the link below)