Task Force

The Renville County Water Management Task Force consists of Board-appointed citizens and representatives from Renville County and state agencies. 

The Water Management Task Force is comprised of the following members:



 Diane Mitchell, Coordinator

 Renville County Water Management

 Lisa Herges

 Renville County Administration

 Jill Bruns

 Renville County Public Health

 Randy Kramer

 County Commissioner, District #1

 Doug Erickson

 County Commissioner, District #3

 Rick Schmidt

 County Commissioner, District #5 (Alternate)

 Holly Hatlewick

 Renville Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)

 Terrylea Ness

 Renville SWCD, Supervisor

 Jim Hebrink

 Renville SWCD, Supervisor (Alternate)

 Liz Lanning


 Larry Kramer

 Buffalo Creek Watershed District

 Gerald Fluck

 Lake Resident




 Sportsmen / Educator

 Garry Bennett

 MN Department of Natural Resources

 Jill Sackett Eberhart

 MN Board of Water and Soil Resources

 Coleton Draeger

 High Island Watershed Project

 Diane Sander

 Crow River Organization of Water

 Heidi Rauenhorst

 Hawk Creek Watershed Project