Financial Resource Summit

The 2021 Financial Resource Summit was held on Friday, September 17 at the Olivia Golf Club.  Individuals had the opportunity to attend in-person or virtually.

Speakers and Presentations Included:
An Overview of Renville County
Renville County Profile
Cameron Macht, Regional Analysis and Outreach Manager,
MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
320-441-6596  |  cameron.macht@state.mn.us

An Overview of Financing Programs
Scott Marquardt, Vice President
Southwest Initiative Foundation
320-583-4629  |  scottm@swifoundation.org

An Overview of Workforce Assistance Resources
Bridget Paulson, Business Services Coordinator
Central MN Jobs & Training Services
320-290-7685  |  bpaulson@cmjts.org

An Overview of the Small Business Development Center and Case Study/Success Story
Berny Berger, Counselor
Small Business Development Center
507-537-7386  |  www.sbdcassistance.com

An Overview of Technical Assistance Programs
Jordan Zeller, Economic Developer
Renville County HRA/EDA
320-523-3656  | jordanz@renvillecountymn.com