Burial Assistance

Renville County Burial Assistance

In accordance with MN Statute §261.035, Renville County will provide for the immediate burial or direct cremation for residents of the county who are otherwise unable to pay the cost of disposition of their remains.

Renville County does not reimburse for the cost of burials.  If payments to the funeral home, cemetery or cremation services are made prior to application for Burial Assistance or approval of a pending application, the application for services will be denied.

In the event that Renville County does pay for the necessary expenses of a funeral and final disposition, Anoka County shall have a claim against the person or the person’s estate to recover the costs expended for the funeral and final disposition.
Minn. Stat. §§ 261.04, 256.935, 524.3-805.


To be eligible for HC Burial Assistance, the deceased person must meet Renville County residency requirements. Citizenship does not factor into residency.

Residency is met in any of the following ways;

- If on Public Assistance, Renville County must be the financially responsible county, (CFR). Deceased could be in a nursing home in another county, but if Renville is financially responsible for the case, Renville is financially responsible for the burial.

- If not on Public Assistance, the deceased must have a verifiable address in Renville County.


  1. A completed application must be received prior to the service. Applications are available online (click here) or contact Renville County Human Services 320-523-2202.
  2. Renville County will attempt to process applications within 48 hours of receipt.