Emergency Programs

Emergency programs are available annually to qualifying persons who need help during a crisis. These programs run for 30 days and can help if there has been a utility shut-off or eviction.  Emergency programs include:

Emergency Assistance (EA) - EA helps eligible families who have children in the home under age 18.

Emergency General Assistance (EGA) - EGA helps eligible persons who cannot get help through Cash Assistance Programs.

Applications are available by contacting:

Renville County Human Services – Call 320-523-2202 or 800-363-2533 or in person

You can also access an application through MNbenefits or print out and complete the Combined Application Form (CAF).

Emergency Programs require an eligibility interview, which can be completed by phone. Households applying for emergency assistance will need to complete an Income and Expense Worksheet in addition to an application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to use the EA program?

EA is a program that helps families with children under the age of 18 who are in danger of being evicted or having a utility shut off. EA can be used once in a 12-month period. Eligibility is based on income and assets at the time of application. Additional rules may apply. EA is funded by allocation with limited funds.

Who does the Emergency General Assistance program help?

EGA helps eligible households that do not qualify for EA, MFIP, DWP, or WB. This program may be used in a crisis to assist with utilities and housing. EGA can be used once in a 12-month period. Additional rules may apply. EGA is funded by allocation with limited funds.