Health Care Programs

State and federally funded medical programs administered by the county may pay for all or part of a qualifying resident's medical bills. The medical programs include:

Medical Assistance (MA) - MA is a federal program that may pay for qualifying persons' medical, dental and prescription bills for three months prior to an application, as well as current and future medical expenses.

Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD) - This program allows working people with disabilities to qualify for Medical Assistance under higher income and asset limits. It is intended to encourage persons with disabilities to work and enjoy the financial benefits of being employed. There will be a premium payment based on income.

Medical Assistance for Long-Term Care Services (LTC-MA) - The program may pay for nursing home services or in-home services for people who would otherwise need to be in a nursing home. LTC-MA is for persons who are disabled or age 65 and older.

Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) - MSPs can help pay Medicare premiums, deductible and copays for people enrolled or who can enroll in Medicare.

MinnesotaCare - MinnesotaCare is low-cost health care coverage for Minnesotans who don't qualify for MA or Medicare, or cannot get affordable insurance through an employer. Most people pay a monthly premium based on their household size and income. Coverage starts the first day of the month after you pay your premium

How to Apply:
MNsure is a health insurance marketplace where Minnesotans can compare and choose coverage from multiple insurance companies and see if they qualify for low-cost or free health plans. MNSure is one of the ways to apply for Medical Assistance and other types of health care coverage. For:
- Families with children
- Adults under 65 years of age

For information or to apply for MNsure, please visit MNsure.org or call the MNsure Contact Center toll-free at (855) 366-7873.

If you meet any of the following criteria you will want to complete a Health Care Application for Certain Populations (PDF):
- Age 65 or older
- Only requesting help with Medicare costs
- Child is in Foster Care
- Single adult who receives SSI income
- Applying for Medical Assistance for Employed Person with Disabilities (EPD)

If you meet any of the following criteria you will want to complete an Application for Payment of Long-Term Care Services (PDF):
- Live in or may need to move into a nursing home
- A person with a disability or age 65 or older, and would like services to help you stay in your home

Managed Care / Health Plan

When people enroll in managed care, they enroll with a health plan that is available in their county of residence. Health plans have a network of providers. Usually a primary care provider is responsible for managing and coordinating all of your health care.

Once you receive an approval of benefits in the mail you can also expect to receive a managed care enrollment packet.

Managed Care Enrollment Guide
Your Notice About Third-Party Liability

PrimeWest is the health plan for Medical Assistance in Renville County. If you have questions about your health plan through PrimeWest contact member services at 1-866-431-0801. TTY users call 1-800-627-3529 or visit https://www.primewest.org/web/guest/home.

Member Handbook
Provider and Pharmacy Directory

Minnesota Non-Emergency Transportation (MNET)

Minnesota Non-Emergency Transportation provides transportation to medical appointments for people on Medical Assistance. Eligibility for transportation is determined by the most cost-effective method.