Chemical Health Services


Renville County Human Services offers assistance to people of all ages who are experiencing substance use related problems. To receive complete an assessment, you may contact any chemical dependency treatment provider or mental health center in Minnesota.  To receive funding for an assessment and/or treatment from the Behavioral Health Fund (BHF), you must meet eligibility criteria, established by enrollment in Medical Assistance (MA) or meeting the household size and income limitation.

Services that may be provided:

  • Assistance in determining financial eligibility for the Behavioral Health Fund (BHF)
  • Assistance finding a provider of services including Chemical Health assessment, detoxification, diversion, residential treatment services, hospital-based treatment services, outpatient treatment services and aftercare programs
  • Referrals to local resources including such things as support groups and education programs
  • Pre-petition screening for civil commitment. A Pre-Petition Screening Team consultation would be used to determine the severity of chemical use and assessing danger to self or others as it pertains to individuals being petitioned for civil court commitment.

For Additional Information:
Minnesota Department of Human Services - Chemical Health