Child Protection

Child Protection Report Form

Renville County Human Services is responsible for accepting, screening, assessing and investigating reports of child maltreatment and providing ongoing case management services.  If a report is screened in for assessment, there are two responses:

Investigations are designed to respond to reports of substantial child endangerment and neglect of children and are usually conducted jointly with law enforcement. This investigation will address the immediate safety of the child(ren) and the risk of further maltreatment.  County agency social workers will work with the family to develop a plan to meet the safety and well being needs of the child(ren) and family.  This investigation will include a determination as to whether or not maltreatment occurred.

Family Assessment:
Reports not involving substantial child maltreatment may be assigned as a family assessment. These assessments are completed by county agency social workers who meet with the family to address the safety of the child(ren), the risk of further maltreatment and the family’s strengths and needs. This assessment does not include a determination of maltreatment.

If services are determined to be necessary, child protection case management is offered to the family on either a voluntary or involuntary basis depending upon the needs and severity of the problems that need to be addressed.  Case management services primarily consist of information and referral; identification of needs and strengths; and development of a case plan with specific goals that will enhance the family strengths and remedy the issues.

For Additional Information:
Minnesota Department of Human Services - Child Protective Services