Children's Mental Health


Renville County Human Services provides Children’s Mental Health (CMH) case management services to children and adolescents younger than 18 years of age who meet the criteria for having a severe emotional disturbance (SED) as determined by a Qualified Mental Health Professional.  This determination is made by having the child complete a Rule 79 diagnostic assessment.  

The Diagnostic Assessment (DA) is a written evaluation that includes:

  • The child’s life situation and sources of stress, including reasons for referral.
  • A history of the child’s current mental health problem(s) including developmental status, strengths and needs.
  • The child’s diagnosis including a determination of whether the child meets the criteria for SED.
  • The services being recommended for the child.

Case management services are voluntary and may be accepted or refused by the parents or guardian.  If they refuse case management, other mental health services and community resources continue to be available to the family.

If CMH case management services are accepted, the parents (and child if age appropriate) actively participate in the development of an individualized plan for the child based upon their strengths and needs.  This plan is reviewed on a regular basis to determine progress toward the goals and whether the services are still appropriate or need to be changed.

Renville County Human Services provides Community Support Program (CSP) services to children with SED.  These services may assist the child with such things as socialization, coping skills and accessing community resources.

For Renville County residents who are not covered by insurance, Woodland Centers does provide mental health services to individuals on a sliding fee basis.  Woodland Centers also provides crisis services including a 24-hour crisis line which is 800-992-1716.   Their primary mental health center is located in Willmar, MN with a satellite office in Olivia, MN.

Information and referrals can be provided for other services such as:

  • In-home family skills counseling
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Partial hospitalization and Day Treatment
  • Respite care

Minnesota Department of Human Services - Children's Mental Health