Developmental Disabilities

Renville County Human Services determines eligibility for services, and assesses the needs of adults and children with developmental disabilities. The county identifies service and support options based on assessed need and available funding. County staff provides information, advocacy and consultation.

For children age birth to 5 years
To be eligible, the child must be determined to have a substantial developmental delay by your school and/or medical professional.

For individuals age 5 and older
To be eligible, the person must have an IQ and adaptive scores under 70. A person may also be eligible if they have a related condition such as cerebral palsy, autism, or a seizure disorder, and they must have limitations in areas such as self-care, communication, social skills, learning, mobility, self-direction and independent living.

The IQ assessment must be conducted by a licensed psychologist or school psychologist.

Apply for services
For more information about these services, please call Renville County Human Services at 320-523-2202

For additional information
MN Dept of Human Services-Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities