Jobseekers / Workforce

For Jobseekers:

Job opportunities abound from Renville County employers. Renville County and our partners often hold hiring events and job fairs.

Central MN Jobs and Training Services, our local CareerForce partner, has a variety of programs available to assist job seekers: https://www.cmjts.org/programs/

Minnesota Works is a free website that connects jobseekers and employers. Create an online resume and search for jobs by key words and locations: www.minnesotaworks.net

Employment opportunities with Renville County: https://www.renvillecountymn.com/government/employment/index.php

The State of MN has variety of job search resources: https://mn.gov/deed/job-seekers/job-guide/

For Employers:

The availability of a skilled and agile workforce is key to the success of any business. There is a variety of resources to help find and train your workforce:

Central MN Jobs & Training Services: Bridget Paulson: (320) 290-7685 / bpaulson@cmjts.org

MN DEED Workforce Development: Della Ludwig: (320) 423-0121 / della.ludwig@state.mn.us

Minnesota Works is a free website that connects jobseekers and employers. Post your job opening and sort through resumes to find the perfect job candidates: www.minnesotaworks.net

Employment Information: for the latest information on unemployment rates for Renville County, our region, state and nation: https://apps.deed.state.mn.us/lmi/laus/Default.aspx


For more information or assistance, please call Renville County Economic Development at (320) 523-3656 or email eda@renvillecountymn.com