Motor Vehicle

We handle numerous motor vehicle transactions including but not limited to:

-Vehicle Title Transfers

-Vehicle Registration

-Special Plate Applications

-International Registration Plan License for over-the-road trucks

-Disability Permits

Please be sure to bring documentation for the vehicle along. An old registration card or the title is the preferred documentation.

Re: 2016 Minnesota Insurance Requirements

Effective January 1st, 2016

Subd. 4. Insurance information required

      Every owner, when applying for motor vehicle or motorcycle registration, re registration, or transfer of ownership, must provide information showing that the motor vehicle or motorcycle is covered by an insurance policy. Information required under this subdivision consists of the insurance company's name, the policy number, and the policy expiration date for the subject motor vehicle or motorcycle.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring in to buy tabs for my vehicle? 
It is best to bring the title or old registration card.  In some cases, your driver's license will allow us to bring up vehicle information.

Can I buy registration tabs for someone else? 
If you have the renewal notice, anyone can buy the tabs.  If not, a signed permission slip for that particular vehicle is required from the owner.