Licenses & Applications


Licensing for Food, Beverage, Lodging, Camps, Pools, and Manufactured Home Parks
A license is required annually for every person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of conducting a food and beverage service establishment, youth camp, hotel, motel, lodging establishment, public pool, or resort. Any person within to operate a place of business licensed in this section shall first make application, pay the required fee specified in this section, and receive approval for operation, including plan review approval.

Special Events Licenses
A special event food stand is a food and beverage service establishment which is used in conjunction with celebrations and other events -stands can operate for up to 10 individual days or a combination of events that total no more than 10 days. All stands must be operated in compliance with the Minnesota Food Code. A license is required prior to events.

Certified Food Manager
The State of Minnesota requires a Minnesota Certified Food Manager in most food establishments including small, medium, and large food establishments. You can contact our office for brochures on courses held in the Olivia area or you may browse the Minnesota Department of Health’s webpage for more courses in the state.

Plan Reviews

  1. All plans and specifications must be submitted to this office at least one month prior to starting construction.
  2. Construction may not begin until plans have been approved.
  3. Failure to submit plans and appropriate fees for new construction or remodeling will not prevent the fees from being collected.
  4. In addition, any construction not meeting code will have to be corrected prior to opening.

Tobacco License & Education

  • A retail tobacco sale license is required for each location at which tobacco is sold in Renville County.
  • The Renville County Tobacco Ordinance requires annual training of each tobacco retailer and their employees. Click here to take this online training.


Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities Click here to access the handbook. 

Manufactured Home Parks Handbook Click here to access the handbook.