Health at School


Because learning is mostly accomplished through the senses of vision and hearing, screenings help to identify any barriers that would impair a child’s ability to learn. Early identification and treatment can prevent or at least alleviate many of the problems that result from impaired hearing or vision. Screening is the most practical approach to identifying children in need of professional services.


Minnesota’s Immunization Law

Use the Are Your Kids Ready? chart as a guide to determine which vaccines are required to enroll in child care, early childhood programs, and school (public or private). Find the child’s age/grade level and look to see if your child had the number of shots shown by the checkmarks under each vaccine. The table on the second page shows the ages when doses are due.

Click here to access the Student Immunization Form if needed.

If you have questions regarding your child’s immunization status, or if you need a copy of immunizations received, contact your healthcare provider or Renville County Public Health.

For more information on Immunizations, visit our Immunizations webpage. 


Many children need to take medications during the school day to keep them healthy and enhance their education.

The school policy for medications is as follows: “Under usual circumstances, school personnel should give no medication, including over-the-counter medication, to children. The purpose of administering medication in school is to assist students who require medication during the school hours to maintain an optimal state of health and therefore enhance their educational program. Whenever possible parents should make alternative arrangements so that it is not necessary for school personnel to administer medications to students.”

All medications, including over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, need to have a “Medication Release” form on file at the child’s school.

Tips for Parents:

If the medicine is ordered three times a day, please give the first dose before school, the second dose after school, and the third dose at bedtime. If it is to be given with food, provide a healthy snack to go with it.

  • Medications ordered for three times a day will NOT be given at school under normal circumstances.
  • If the medicine is ordered four times a day one dose may be given at school. Be sure to send a separate bottle of medication or discuss with the nurse how this can be arranged if a separate bottle cannot be obtained, such as eye drops.
  • Do NOT send any over-the-counter medications to school with your child. Please give them a dose before school and after school.

*Any specific questions regarding medications for your child should be directed towards your child’s school nurse.