Q. Are there entrance or usage fees in Renville County Parks?

Admission for general park use is free. Permit fees are charged for camping. Rental fees are charged for reservation of picnic shelters. Group camping rates can be obtained by calling 320-523-3747.

Q. How far in advance can I reserve a picnic shelter?

Picnic shelter reservations are taken at the Renville County Parks Department office beginning the first working day of January for the upcoming season. To make a reservation, call 320-523-3747.

Q. How do I obtain a camping permit?

Self registering camping permits are available at pay boxes located at each park entrance except for Anderson Lake Park, which does not allow camping.

Q. Am I able to rent picnic tables for a private gathering?

Park equipment and picnic tables are not for rent.

Q. Can I cut dead trees in the parks for firewood?

The cutting of firewood for personal use is not allowed in the park system. However, any fallen/downed trees may be cut and used for firewood.

Q. Can I access the parks when the gates are closed?

Yes, however, the parks are not open to vehicle traffic once the gates are closed.