Park and Trails Committee

There is hereby created a Renville County Parks and Trails Committee, as authorized under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 398, whose duties and responsibilities shall consist of the following:

  1. To study, report, and make recommendations on amendments to the Park Ordinance prior to adoption of an amendment by the County Board.
  2. To conduct public hearings, review all information, and prepare a report and recommendation to the County Board on park land acquisition and development.
  3. Act as an advisory board to the County Board reviewing all recreation, leisure, and park related issues including park planning, operation, maintenance, protection, and improvement.
  4. Study and recommend appropriate fees for park permits.
  5. Such other duties as the Renville County Board of Commissioners may prescribe.

Parks and Trails Committee Members
District 1                                              Linda Callier
District 2                                              Louise Kiecker
District 3                                              Calvin Aarons
District 4                                              Stephen Altmann
District 5                                              Larry Eekhoff
Youth At-Large                                    VACANT
Youth At-Large                                    VACANT
At-Large                                              Thomas Gruendemann
At-Large                                              Dave Fischer
County Board Chair                          Doug Erickson
County Board Vice Chair                  Rick Schmidt
Parks Manager (Public Works)        Jesse Diehn
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