Access Driveway Permit:
To obtain an access driveway permit contact Public Works at their office or call 320-523-3759.  A Public Works staff person will meet with you on site to fill out the permit application.  A deposit will also be needed for the construction of any new or widening of existing drivesways off of county roads and county state aid highways.  

Access Driveway Permit Fee:  $75.00 + Culvert Cost
Access Driveway Refundable Deposit:  $500.00

Oversized/Overweight Permit Fee:
Individual Permit:  $20.00
Blanket Permit:  $100.00
If you are submitting the application by email,  please email it to:  reneeh@renvillecountymn.com

Utility Permit Fee:  $75.00
If you are submitting this permit by mail, please remit the permit fee along with the submittal of the permit application.  If you are submitting the application by email, please email it to:  reneeh@renvillecountymn.com and our office will invoice your company for the permit fee.

Click here to access the forms:  Utility Permit and Oversized/Overweight Permits