Passports are issued by the Federal Passport Agency. The Renville County Recorder’s department has been appointed to be an agent to accept passport applications. It is recommended that you make an appointment with our office to have your application accepted by calling 320-523-3669.  

To apply for a passport you must present one of the following:

  • A previous U.S. passport, if available. Your expired U.S. passport should be used as proof of citizenship. It will be returned with your new passport. If you were 15 and under when your last passport was issued you must submit both previous passport and a certified birth certificate.
  • Evidence of citizenship such as a certified copy of your United States birth certificate from the state or county in which you were born. The certified copy must have an official seal. A hospital certificate is NOT acceptable. Your birth certificate will be returned with your passport.
  • If you are a naturalized citizen, you need to submit your original Certification of Naturalization.

You will also need:

  • Proof of identity, such as a valid driver’s license, work or student ID. Refer to the State Department’s Passport Services site for a complete list of acceptable proofs of identity. If none of the accepted documents are available, you may bring along another U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has known you for at least two years and has a valid ID. A family member is preferred.
  • Passport photos. You will need one color passport photo that is 2"x2" with a solid white or light colored background. School pictures are not acceptable.  Recorder's department takes passport photos for a fee of $12.00 per applicant.
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your parents’ birth names, birth places and birth dates

Applicants who are under age 16, should be accompanied by both parents with valid Ids. If both parents cannot be present to sign the application form, the missing parent should sign and submit a Consent Form (DS-3053).

Fees Effective January 10, 2022:


Application Fee

Execution Fee


Expedite Fee

Passport Book(Age 16 & Older)





Passport Book(Under Age 16)





Passport Card(Age 16 & Older)





Passport Card(Under Age 16)





*An expedited passport is processed in three business days once it its received at a Federal Passport Agency.

**Overnight Express mail can be purchased at the Post Office or from the Recorder’s Office.

The average time to receive a passport is up to 11 weeks. For expedited service the average time to receive a passport is up to 7 1/2 weeks. If expediting and overnight express mailing the application to the Passport Agency the average time to receive a passport is 7 - 10 days. Passports for adults are valid for 10 years and child passports are valid for five years. Each fee is paid with two separate checks one payable to US Department of State and one to the Renville County Recorder. You may pay by CHECK or MONEY ORDER only.

For further passport and renewal information, or to download a passport application form, refer to the U.S. State Department’s Passport Services site below.

Apply in person at:
Renville County Courthouse
County Recorder's Office - Suite 203 -  2nd Floor
Olivia, MN

State Department - Passports