Renville County Tax Abatement – Building Incentive Policy

Home SavingsGoal: To encourage new construction of residential properties in Renville County and encourage replacement of dilapidated housing structures that may not be suitable to live in.

Program Outline: Eligible applicants may qualify for county and/or city property tax abatement for residential properties built within Renville County boundaries, in accordance with Minn. Stat. 469.1813. This will include single family homes and multi-family residential units. This policy shall have limitations on taxable value per property, as well as the total aggregate amount that can be abated in any given year for all properties (as budgeted and approved by the County Board).

• Newly constructed single-family residences may receive abatement of up to $200,000 in assessed value for up to five (5) years.

• Multi-family residences may receive the same $200,000 assessed value 5-year property tax abatement, plus an additional $10,000 assessed value per additional unit. (For example: a 4-unit apartment complex may qualify for up to $230,000 in assessed value property tax abatement).

Abatement will be in the form of a tax rebate calculated by the County Auditor-Treasurer after timely payment of regular property tax payment is made. This abatement does not apply to any penalty or interest due resulting from late or delinquent payment of property taxes.

1) Property must be located within Renville County.
2) Project is built to building codes adopted at the time building permit is obtained.
3) Property taxes must be current at time of application.
4) Applicant must apply for abatement within six (6) months of obtaining the appropriate land use or building permit.
5) Abatement may transfer with the sale of the property for the balance of the original five-year abatement period.
6) Abatement only applies to the new residential property being built.  It does not apply to any special assessments, accessory structures, etc.
7) Each Renville County city will have its own guidelines on if they allow abatement of their portion of their taxes.

Application Processing:
• Applications will be received by the Auditor-Treasurer’s office and reviewed to confirm eligibility.
• If eligibility criteria are met, the Auditor-Treasurer’s office will calculate the estimated property tax eligible for abatement and forward details to Administration so the request can be addressed by the County Board, including the scheduling of a public hearing.

Renville County Tax Abatement - Building Incentive Program Application

To learn more about this program, contact the Renville County Auditor/Treasurer's Office at 320-523-2071.

**Program Board Adopted 07/12/2022