Frequently Asked Questions about Tax Forfeited Lands

How are the forfeited lands sold?

Forfeited lands are sold by auction in the fall in "odd numbered years".  (Actual date will be listed when determined).

How can I find the date, time, and place of the auction, and a list of parcels for sale?

All information can be on this web site or by contacting our office.

How do I register for the tax sale?

Registration is not necessary, just be present to place a bid.

Is payment in full required the day of the sale?

Yes, payment in full is required; we accept cash, check, cashier's check or money orders.  We are unable to accept credit cards and do not offer any financing.

Do you allow investors to invest at the tax sale without attending the sale?

No, all Bidders must be present at our sales.

What type of deed is used to transfer title?

The State will issue a State Deed which has the characteristics of a patent from the State similar to a Quit Claim Deed.  For additional information of this type of deed, please contact an attorney.

Are there any fee involved?

Yes, additional are fees are:

  • State Assurance surcharge - 3% of the sale price
  • State Deed Fees - $25.00
  • State Deed Tax - .0033 times the total sale price, with a minimum of $1.65
  • Conservation Fee - $5.00
  • Recording Fee - $46.00 (subject to change, based on state legislature)

What happens to the properties that do not sell at the auction?  Can you purchase directly from the County?

Properties that do not sell are available over-the-counter at the Auditor/Treasurer's Office which is located in the Courthouse Building for the basic sale price listed plus applicable fees, until they are reappraised.

How often do you hold tax sales?

Normally every other year (odd numbered years).

How do I get on your mailing list?

You may call our office at 320-523-2071 or e-mail your request to marci@renvillecountymn.com.  This request will not carry over to any future auctions.