Redwood Renville Regional Material Recovery Facility

Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority Response to COVID-19 Pandemic:
(Last updated 10/15/2020)

Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority (RRRSWA) Response to COVID-19 Pandemic/Governor's Executive Order:

Beginning July 27, 2020, the following services will be altered until further notice:
Our office doors will be locked to non-employees, but we will continue to accept private/self haulers’ (people who haul their own in a trailer, truck or car) garbage at the Redwood/Renville Regional Material Recovery and Transfer Facility (RRRMRF or MRF) in Redwood Falls, with specific stipulations. Payment for disposal will be by cash or check only.  When you arrive at the facility, proceed to the scale and the operator will have more instructions for you. If you plan to pay with cash, please bring small bills. Your disposal cost will probably be less than you anticipate.

The Renville County Demolition Landfill will also continue to accept materials from commercial haulers, contractors and private/self haulers, but the office doors will remain locked to non-employees.  Payment for disposal by private/self-haulers at the landfill will also be by cash or check only. You will either be asked to remain in your vehicle or will be required to wear a mask while the scale operator inspects your load (unless you un-tarp outside the scale house) and will have further instruction upon arrival.

a.     If you have pre-shredded paper, please make sure it is in sealed plastic bags so it can be placed in the specially marked gray cart outside of the MRF Office area during regular business hours.
b.     If you are a business shredding customer, we want to accommodate you, but need to minimize person-to-person contact. Please call us at least 1 (one) hour before you are ready to bring us a full cart.  When you call us, we will provide instructions on cart exchange procedures. (No cart exchanges after 3:30 p.m. M-F)  
c.     If you have personal papers to be shredded, we ask that you call us at least 1 (one) hour in advance of your arrival (no later than 3:30 p.m.) We can provide a secure cart for you to place your papers into.  The cart will be placed outside and when you are done, we will bring the cart back inside and re-lock it.

4.  APPLIANCE & ELECTRONICS COLLECTIONS:  The last scheduled collection took place on 10/14/2020 in Renville County. You may contact S.W. Recycling for alternatives: 1-800-366-8665.

5.    HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE FACILITIES: Both the Redwood and Renville County Household Hazardous Waste Facilities re-opened the week of August 10, 2020. The product exchange rooms will remain closed. 

* We will not provide gloves or masks.

For more information, contact Jon Mitchell, RRRSWA/RRRMRF Executive Director at 320-523-8002 or 507-637-1800. 

 Raising Awareness, Reducing Waste, Recycling Together 


2021 Curbside Recycling Schedule for both counties:
Please click the picture below for more detail:

Image of 2021 RRRSWA Recycling Schedule

Upcoming Electronic and Appliance Collections for Redwood and Renville County Residents!!
Click the image(s) for more detail

OOPS! The last collection was 10/14/2020...please check back next year.

You may call S.W. Recycling at 1-800-366-8665  for alternatives.

 The RRRMRF and the Administrative Offices will be closed on the following dates due to the observance of holidays:

Thursday, November 26
Friday, November 27
Thursday, December 24 (close at noon)
Friday, December 25

Friday, January 1
Monday, January 18
Monday, February 15
Friday, April 2 (close at noon)
Monday, May 31
Monday, July 5
Monday, September 6
Thursday, November 11
Thursday, November 25
Friday, November 26
Friday, December 24

Please check the recycling schedule for any potential changes to curbside service.


2020 Curbside Recycling Schedule for both counties:
Please click the picture below for more detail:

Image of 2020 Recycling Schedule_both


  1. Is it true that you are once again accepting glass as a recyclable material?

    • Yes, beginning January 1, 2020, the RRRSWA will once again accept glass containers (please see recycling information) in our recycling stream.

  2. What about plastic bags and other "film plastic"?

    • We no longer accept film plastic of any kind for recycling.  The best practice is to purchase and utilize re-usable shopping bags wherever possible. If you forget them, ask for paper or to have your groceries loaded back into your cart without bags. Keep totes in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle to place groceries for the trip home. Other types of film plastic (softener salt bags, large plastic wrapping for mattresses, television and stereo sheathing, bread bags, etc.) will need to be disposed of in the garbage.

  3. Do you accept mattresses and other furniture at your facility?
    • Yes, mattresses and other furniture are accepted. Please see the "fee schedule" for cost information. Mattresses MAY be recycled, please click the flier under "Recycling & Household Hazardous Waste" section.
  4. Can I bring my old stove/TV/microwave, etc. to your facility?
    • No, please watch for information regarding the special collections held April-October each year in both counties.
  5. Can I put my garbage and my recyclables in the same container?
    • No, residents are not allowed to co-mingle their garbage with recyclables.  The carts are not interchangeable, so please keep garbage separated from recycling and in its own cart.
  6. What if I only have enough recycling to fill my cart once a month?
    • Collection will take place every two weeks, so place your cart at the curb whenever you have filled it (on your scheduled date). You are not required to put your cart out for every collection. 
  7. What if I’m unable to take my cart to the curb?

    • West Central Sanitation offers a “valet service” for this purpose. Contact West Central to make arrangements. 

  8. What happens if I sell my house?

    • Each cart has a chip embedded in it to identify the address of the user. If you plan to move, the cart needs to stay with the residence. 

  9. What happens if my cart “disappears”?

    • If your cart “disappears,” the cost of your cart will be assessed and billed back to you by West Central Sanitation. 

  10. I live in an apartment building, what should we do?

    • Apartment owners or managers should contact West Central to determine the appropriate number of containers and collection frequencies. 

  11. When is the best time to put my cart by my curb for pick up?

    • West Central Sanitation has advised that carts are placed BY 6:30 a.m. If snow or other inclement weather are not factors, you may put the cart out the night before to help ensure collection. 

  12. What should I do with my shredded paper?

    • Shredded paper placed in the cart or drop box can break open during transportation and cause problems at the facility. If possible, bring your bags of shredded paper directly to the facility to ensure that this material will get recycled. Keep in mind that the RRRSWA has a secure document destruction service available at the facility so we can shred your personal documents for you! There is no charge for personal shredding and a nominal fee for businesses.

  13. Can I choose my own cart size?
    • All carts are 95 gallons, with no additional size options available. The carts were selected as appropriate for the average amount of recycling materials generated by a typical household in a two week period.
  14. Can I still put my aluminum cans into my recycling cart or drop box?
    • Yes, please continue to recycle all aluminum cans, etc.  We stopped paying for aluminum beverage cans on 12/13/19 but they are still very much recyclable.

907 West Bridge - Redwood Falls - MN - 56283
Phone:  (507)637-1800 or (320)523-8002