About Us

Our Mission is to provide environmentally sound and cost effective solid waste and recycling services for residents and businesses of the partner counties.

Raising Awareness

Redwood/Renville Regional Material Recovery Facility believes we can raise awareness of the importance of waste reduction and recycling, by partnering with local businesses and citizens. Promoting community involvement and personal responsibility is where it all begins. Educational programing and activities, for citizens of all ages, reinforces that together we can preserve our environment for future generations.

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste begins with a simple question, “what can I do to help the environment?” Redwood/Renville Regional Material Recovery Facility’s new single stream design will conveniently allow residents to co-mingle all of their recyclable into one container. We anticipate this new service will dramatically increase both county’s recycling rates. Think before you throw – together, we can foster positive waste reduction practices.

Recycling Together

When Redwood and Renville County saw a growing need for a joint recycling and municipal solid waste facility, they took action.  Redwood/Renville Regional Material Recovery Facility will provide needed services to our community such as convenient single stream recycling, 24 hour recycling drop off, document destruction and more. With exceptional and accessible recycling and waste disposal services, our communities will see reduction in taxes and carbon footprint, all while improving our commitment to the environment. By recycling together today, we can prepare for a better tomorrow.