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Although each community may have different garbage carts/receptacles, the recycling carts are identical in every city in both counties. Please make sure you are placing the proper items in each cart.
What's the difference?


We understand:
-Sometimes it is pouring rain
-Sometimes there is a cold north wind and maybe blowing snow
-Sometimes you are running late and in a hurry
-Sometimes it is just easier to pull the cart to the end of the driveway and leave it there...however it lands. 

Please notice that the proper way to place your cart is with the handle toward your house.  If the handle is facing the street, it cannot be dumped properly (the lid gets in the way) and may result in recycling debris blowing all over your yard or your neighbors.  Please take the time to square the cart to the curb and ensure the handle is facing your house.
Recycling cart_wrong

Have you ever wondered if the following items are recyclable?
Batteries   Pet waste


Yard waste



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