Items For Sale

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Whether you are a master-gardener or just like to tinker in your yard with flowers, we have some items you may be interested in:

With our rain barrels, you can reduce runoff and conserve water.  Just catch the water that runs off your roof after a rain.  No more increased water bills in the summer and the barrel holds your "excess" water.

When you use our compost bins, you can create your own compost to use in future gardens and flower beds! Just toss in your grass clippings, vegetable waste, etc.

Are you a faithful recycler but sometimes find there just aren't recycling containers available?

Good news! We have available to you "fling" pop-up bins!  These are a great item, because they can be taken in your car, boat, camper, etc. Simply unwrap them, "pop" them open and begin recycling. They have a handy tie so they are easily closed when they are full. (There is no need to re-open and empty, simply place with your other recyclables.)