Uncollected Carts

Pictured here are various carts that have "not been picked up" or collected because the driver has found non-recyclable material. 

Cart #1: Yard waste is to be composted as it is not recyclable. The white bag is full of unknown items. All recyclables should be placed into the cart LOOSELY. The bag could contain anything from garbage to hazardous waste. The blue item is potentially a tarp or some type of animal food bag, none of which are recyclable.
Image of compost in recycling cart

Cart #2:  Aluminum awning, or other structural metals. Those items should be placed in a scrap metal container. There is a scrap metal box available at either the Renville County Landfill or the facility in Redwood Falls. Please call for more information.
Image of aluminum awning in recycling cart

Cart #3: This cart has a possible chair (brown item in the back) and plant material.  If this plant is a "real" plant, it should be composted.  If it is a "fake" or plastic plant, it should be placed in the garbage as that type of plastic is not recyclable.
image of plastic plants in recycling cart

Cart #4: This cart contains landscaping plastic.  This material is not recyclable (in our area) and belongs in the garbage cart. 
Image of plastic landscaping edging

Cart #5: Window blinds are NOT acceptable in your recycling cart.  They are garbage.
There are several garbage bags (film plastic is not allowed in your cart) with unknown items: is it garbage? Is it recycling? Is it shredded paper?
All acceptable items in your cart must be loose and we encourage you to bring your BAGGED or BOXED shredded paper directly to our office at the Recycling Facility in Redwood Falls.

Image of window blinds in recycling cart

Cart #6:  75% of the items in this cart (that we can see) are NOT recyclable:
1.  The Mountain Dew carton is not acceptable (see refrigerator/freezer boxes)
2.  The black items (looks like filing cabinet pieces) are not acceptable in your cart. As with other types of metal, we have scrap containers ON SITE.
3. The black item sticking up.  Not sure what that is, but it is not something that should be in the cart.
4.  The DQ box is okay to recyclable as long as there is NO food scraps left inside.

Image of non-recyclable materials in cart

Cart #7: This looks like a piece of play equipment. The cardboard in the cart is absolutely acceptable, but the pink plastic is not recyclable through the RRRSWA single sort system.
Image of toys in recycling cart

Cart #8: Window blinds and two different plastic bags full of items, which may or may not be recyclable.
1. Blinds are not recyclable (place in trash).
2. All recyclables should be in the cart LOOSELY, no bags please.

3.  The ice cream cake needs to be thrown in the garbage before the container is recycled.
Image of non-collectable recycling cart

Cart #9: PVC pipe, with connectors. Also, there is a non-recyclable stryofoam container.
Image of PVC pip and styrofoam in recycling cart

Cart #10:  This cart contains some sort of baby equipment.  Not sure if it is a swing or highchair, or what, but it is not recyclable, whatever it is.  Please place items like these in your trash cart.
Image of baby equipment in recycling cart

Cart #11:  Particle board, metal of some type, a plastic bag, that hard plastic thing behind the plant tray. (The plant tray may or may not be recyclable...if it is 1-5, out it in, if it is 6 or 7, throw in the trash.) The only item we know FOR SURE that is recyclable in this cart is the milk jug.
Image of cart full of non-recyclable material

Cart #12: Window blinds, pots and pans, toys, bags. None are recyclable. The metal pots and pans can be brought to our facility and we will show you where they can be disposed of (scrap metal bin).
Image of non-recyclable items in a cart

Cart #13: PVC pipe. Not accepted through our single sort recycling system.
Image of PVC pipe in recycling cart

Cart #14: Compost material, some type of large inflatable toy or pool.
Image of inflatables and compost material in cart   

Cart #15: Yellow and white plastic bags and an air filter. There are also a couple of fridge/freezer boxes thrown in, which are not recyclable.
Image of uncollected cart_bags and air filter

Cart#16: Plastic (basement) window shields/covers. These are garbage.
uncollected recycling_16

Cart #17: Rocking horse, pictures and frames, plastic shelving, possible ornament, what looks to be a door from a vanity.
uncollected recycling_17

Cart #18: Red drink carrier/tray/crate and gray shovel. The cups are questionable, but are ok if #1-5.
Image of shovel and drink crate

Cart #19: Plastic lawn chairs
Image of chairs in recycling cart

Cart #20: This looks like rain gutter guards. Please remember that you may deposit these in the scrap metal bin at either the MRF in Redwood Falls or the Renville County Landfill.  Call for more information.
Image of gutter guards

Cart #21: Construction materials, sheetrock, drink boxes, etc.
image of construction materialsuncollected recycling_21A_1