Renville County Sheriff's Office

105 S. 5th St., Suite 210, Olivia, MN 56277
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 320-523-1161
Jail: 320-523-3600

2021 Fee Schedule

Civil Process Related   
Service of Civil Process   $60.00 for each individual service, includes mileage   
Collection on Execution After Levy   Six percent (6%) of the total amount seized, collected or stipulated to the parties as a result of a Sheriff's Levy.  
Posting Three Sale Notices   $60.00  
Returning Process Not Found   $60.00   
Returning Execution Unsatisfied   $60.00  
All Sheriff's Sales   $100.00  
Redemption of Property (receiving and paying and completing certificate) 
Receiving and paying over money paid on redemption of property and executing a certificate, to be collected from the person redeeming 
Filing Redemption with Sheriff's Office (non-refundable)    $50.00  
Judgment and Decree Sales   $100.00  
Execution Sales   $100.00  
Return of Process without Action   $60.00  
Securing Properties (Seizure, Attachments, Writ of Restitution, etc.)   $75.00 per hour for each deputy involved (one hour minimum)  
Writ of Recovery / Order to Vacate:      
Posting of Writ   $60.00  
Eviction / Lock-out   $75.00 per hour (one hour minimum)  
Notification of Judgment Debtor   $10.00  
For Services not Herein Enumerated   Charge the same fees as for a similar service  
Jail Related:   
 Huber Set-Up Fee (One-Time)   $25.00   
Huber Fees   $25.00 per day (minimum 7 day pre-payment required before release)  
Jail Boarding - Self Pay (Serving a MN sentence at RCJ.)   $55.00 per day   
Pay to Stay (Prisoner's Fee)   $25.00 per day (minimum 7 day pre-payment required before Huber release)  
Booking Fee   $25.00  
Drug Testing Fee    $10.00 Quick Test (not sent to lab)  
    $15.00 Quick Test sent to lab for confirmation  - standard panel (in addition to cost of Quick Test)  
    $9.00 per drug tested for at lab that is not included in standard panel  
    $70.00/week drug patch (payment in advance)  
Color Wheel Random Testing Set-Up Fee   $10.00  
PBT Breath Test at Jail (Not in Custody)   $5.00  
GPS Monitoring   $15.00 per day   
GPS Monitoring with Alcohol Monitoring   $28.00 per day  
EHM Set-Up Fee (One-time - weekday)   $25.00  
EHM Set-Up Fee (One-time - Saturday/Sunday/holiday)   $40.00  
EHM Field Services   $2.00 per day in addition to EHM device  
Pre-Trial with Alcohol Monitoring - Phone Line or Cellular   $18.00 per day  
House Arrest (EHM) - Land Line or Cellular - Sentenced   $16.00 per day   
House Arrest (EHM) will Alcohol Monitoring - Land Line or Cellular - Sentenced   $21.00 per day  
EHM Set Up Fee (one time)   $25.00  
Firearms Permit Related:      
Permit to Carry - New Applicant (and renewal of permits expired more than 30 days)   $100.00  
Permit to Carry - Renewal   $75.00   
Permit to Carry - Renewal (expired up to 30 days)   $85.00  
Permit to Carry - Address/Information Change   $10.00  
Permit to Carry - Replacement Card (lost/stolen)   $10.00  
Permit to Acquire   No charge  
Officer Training Fee   $50.00 per student for handgun, shotgun, rifle or Taser qualification  
Copies of Reports   First seven (7) pages - no charge
Eight (8) pages - $2.00
Additional page(s) - $0.25 per page
Color copies:  $0.50 per page
Copies of Photographs   $30.00 per CD
$10.00 electronic delivery
$5.00 per printed sheet on plain paper
Copies of Video   $30.00 per DVD  
Copy of Audio/Video Recordings   $30.00 (includes first hour of research/creation time)
$30.00 per hour research/creation time thereafter
$30.00 pre-payment required
911 Typed Transcript   $30.00 per hour (minimum charge $30.00; $30.00 pre-payment required)  
Applicant Fingerprinting (licensing, employment, permits)   $15.00 first card  
    $2.00 each additional card  
CDL Breath Testing   $25.00