Renville County Sheriff's Office

105 S. 5th St., Suite 210, Olivia, MN 56277
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 320-523-1161
Jail: 320-523-3600


Renville County Jail offers a wide variety of programs to both male and female inmates. These programs are funded and offered primarily by volunteers and are designed to address the needs of the inmates. It is our goal during incarceration to rehabilitate each inmate and assist them in recognizing the gifts and talents that they have been given. The following is a current list and summary of the programs offered: 

Chemical Dependency Treatment - staffed by New Beginnings Treatment Center. Understanding and solving addiction issues is the main focus of this class. This is a first rate treatment program, giving inmates their best chance at a drug and alcohol-free life.

Anger Management – anger issues are prevalent with many inmates. Helping inmates overcome anger issues is important in preparing them for life after jail.

Bible study is offered on multiple evenings and daily as well. Individual study is also encouraged.

Worship Service – on a weekly basis, there is a praise and worship service with live music, a short sermon, singing and communion, followed by a prayer time individually and in small groups.

Parenting class – this program offers advice and encouragement to the parents who are in custody, as many have trouble coping with the inability to be with their children.  This class offers inmates the skills needed to be good parents and raise their children in a positive, nourishing environment.

Library – the library is available each day for checking out books and reading newspapers.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – volunteers assist with this ongoing chemical dependency programming to encourage sobriety. This program is mandatory for the chemical dependency program inmates, but is also open to any inmate to attend if they wish.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) – volunteers also assist with narcotics anonymous meetings, oftentimes conducted by former inmates who are drug and alcohol free.

General Education Development (GED) – Adult Basic Education (southwest Minnesota) provides an instructor to assist inmates in acquiring their GED certificate. The Renville County Jail is one of only a few correctional facilities that is licensed to provide GED testing to students in a jail setting.

Individualized Help – the Renville County jail staff is always willing to spend some time with an inmate when needed. This is part of the philosophy that the Renville County jail operations under. It is our goal to see to it that inmates leave our jail better than when they arrived.

Safe Avenues – when inmates have the need to speak with someone on a one-to-one basis or in a group session about very personal matters, we have a qualified person that truly cares about each and every inmate. This individual is available as a victim advocate and can offer emotional support.

Art Class –there are many talented artists in custody; some of which offer to  teach this class.  Art class is typically held one day per week.

One-on-One – oftentimes inmates (especially first time inmates) are scared, shocked, confused and even angry at themselves. Correctional officers arrange time for these inmates to see a staff member to guide them through the process.

We are currently working on new programs in the areas of personal development, basic household finance and successful re-entry.