Renville County Sheriff's Office

105 S. 5th St., Suite 210, Olivia, MN 56277
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 320-523-1161
Jail: 320-523-3600

Inmate Information

Arranging Your Jail Stay:
If you have been sentenced to serve a jail term, but not ordered into the custody of Sheriff's deputies to begin your sentence immediately, there are several steps needed to arrange your jail stay.

1.  If the sentencing judge did not require you to make jail stay arrangements immediately following sentencing, an appointment with the jail is necessary.  This may be accomplished by contacting the jail's program department at (320) 523-3808.

2.  Review the Inmate Handbook.  It can be viewed here.

3.  If the sentencing judge has allowed you to apply for Huber (work release) privileges or education-related release, you should download, print and complete an application herePlease note that not all applicants qualify.

4.  If the sentencing judge has allowed you Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM), you should download, print and review an EHM handbook here.

What to Expect While Serving Your Sentence In Jail:

Upon entry into the jail, you will undergo a booking process.  During this process, you will be required to provide several details about your identity and your medical and mental health.  You will be required to submit your fingerprints and will also be photographed.  In some cases, you will be required to have a sample of your DNA taken.  You will be issued jail clothing and bed linens, along with simple hygiene products.  The clothing that you come into the jail with will be securely stored until your release.  Any money brought into the jail will be deposited on your inmate trust account.

Following the booking process, you will be assigned to a housing unit, which you will likely share with other inmates.  Each housing unit contains several jail cells.  You will be assigned to your own bed in a cellEach cell has its own shower and you will be required to bathe.  During the night and at certain times throughout the day, you will be confined to your cell, but at other times you will be allowed into the common portion of the housing unit.

During the course of the day, you will be offered time in the library and recreation time.  Additionally, the Renville County Jail has several programs offered, which you may apply to participate in.  Program participation is managed by the jail's program director.  For further information about specific programs, click here.

You will be provided three meals per day.  In addition, you may purchase other food and beverage items through the jail's commissary/canteen.

Inmate health services are provided by on-site nurses and/or on and off-site physicians.  Mental health services are also provided as needed for inmates.

All inmates serving a sentence are subject to a booking fee and a "Pay-To-Stay" fee per Minnesota statute.  In addition, Huber inmates are required to submit a urine sample at their own expense.  Fees are set forth in the Renville County fee schedule.

What To Bring To Jail:

Photo Identification 
Medical insurance information 
All medications currently prescribed and appropriately taken
All fees associated with your stay (Booking, Huber, Pay-To-Stay, etc.)

What Not To Bring To Jail:

Weapons of any sort
Cell phone 
Tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs
Any paper or documents; except legal documents
Over-the-counter medications