Renville County Sheriff's Office

105 S. 5th St., Suite 210, Olivia, MN 56277
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 320-523-1161
Jail: 320-523-3600


In 2012, the Renville County Sheriff's Office began its prescription drug take back program.  This program is part of a larger, comprehensive plan to reduce drug crimes and addiction and to keep our children safe by reducing the chances of accidental overdoses.  The program aims to safely collect and destroy expired or otherwise unused medications.  Medications collected by the Sheriff's Office are destroyed at an approved incinerator.  To date, several hundred pounds of medication have been collected and properly destroyed.
Drug Takeback

The Sheriff's Office currently has five collection sites around the county:

Olivia           Renville County Government Services Building
105 5th Street S
Olivia, MN  56277 
Fairfax   Fairfax City Hall
112 1st Street SE
Fairfax, MN  55332
Renville   Renville City Hall
221 Main Street N
Renville, MN  56284
Morton           Morton City Hall
220 2nd Street W
Morton, MN  56270 

Bird Island           Bird Island City Hall
600 Birch Avenue
Bird Island, MN  55310 

Why Use This Program:

Historically, unused medications were stored in medicine cabinets for months or years before finally being thrown in the trash (which ultimately ends up in landfills) or flushed down the toilet (which ultimately ends up in lakes, streams and other waterways).  Both of these methods of disposal result in the active ingredients in the medications entering our water supply.  An even more grave consequence of storing unused medication is that those medications oftentimes fall into the wrong hands!  By clearing out medicine cabinets, you eliminate the risk of accidental overdoses by children.  What's more, safely disposing of unused medications make drug re-distribution (to street users) impossible.

What Kinds of Medications Can I Dispose Of?

YES    NO 
Prescription Medications             Needles
Prescription Patches   Inhalers
Prescription Ointments   Aerosol Cans
Over-the-Counter Medications   Thermometers
Vitamins   Hydrogen Peroxide
Medication Samples   Lotions
Veterinary Drugs   Medication from Businesses
(Medical or Dental Clinics)

What Does It Cost?

It costs nothing.  This program is free to Renville County residents.  Simply remove or black out your name on the container labels, bring your medications to one of the collections sites, place them into the tamper-proof container and that's it!