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Who are the victims?

Anyone!  While anyone can become a victim, those especially vulnerable include seniors citizens, the unemployed, single parents, low income individuals/families or anyone who fears financial instability.

Why do scammers target seniors?

- Seniors are generally TRUSTING of others
- Seniors often have significant assets
- Some seniors might have trouble remembering
- Most seniors (retired) fear financial stability
- Seniors tend to be NICE!  They often won't hang up on anyone, won't seek advice on financial matters, have strong values about politeness and often are embarrassed and won't report that they've been scammed

What is a "Sucker List"?

A "Sucker List" is a list of names and contact information that scammers have created or have bought/sold/traded.  You may be on a "Sucker List" if you have respond to sweepstakes or contests or if a scammer has been successful in getting money from you in the past.  If you've been the victim of a scam before, beware!  Some con artists, using a "Sucker List", will contact you and allege that they (for a fee) will help you recover the money that you lost in the scam.

The Golden Rules of Scam and Identity Theft Prevention

1.  If it sounds too good to be true, it's most likely a scam (winning a monetary prize, receiving an unexpected check or money order, etc.)

2.  Don't fall for pressured scare tactics from callers.  Take the time to do your research.

3.  Be suspicious of anyone calling you and requesting you to send money.

3.  NEVER wire money to someone who you have never met in person.

4.  Never share your financial account or other identifying numbers with anyone.

5.  Regularly run credit reports on yourself.

If you're not sure if it's a scam or not, please feel free to contact the Sheriff's Office.  We may be able to provide you with related information or help you to determine its validity.